March 02, 2006

iFive - 3rd Mar

I'm going to break the rules of iFive somewhat and mention just one song that I had on the iPod this week. I was able to pick up from my local record store during the week a copy of the 2005 Last Night at the Proms on BBC Records, of course being from that centre of the known and unknown musical world, the egg that is the Royal Albert Hall.

A testament to just how good a piece of music is, is to how loud you can turn it up. iTunes this week registered just 2 counts for the week. The point of the matter is that both of these tracks are 82 minutes long which in itself is pushing the boundaries of CD technology. Let the records show that the Fantasia on British Sea Songs was the very first song that I've ever had my amplifier set to 3 bars for. Henry Wood who organised the performances 112 years ago probably wasn't aware of the cultural heritage that he left behind... good luck the him. The Last Night is still the high water mark on the musical calendar for my money, and for me having the privilege of being able to stand within The Egg's walls whilst this was going on in 2003 was/is very special.

1. Fantasia on British Sea Songs - Henry Wood

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