March 16, 2006

Horse 513 - Take Off To The Future

Last night Yarra Trams unveiled what it hopes will be the next major mode of transport in Melbourne. Traffic congestion and bizarre road rules with regards hook turns has meant that Melbourne will need to look to the skies in future.

Currently the aging W & P class trams are being fitted with wings but will continue to travel down existing routes. A Yarra Trams spokesman has said that these improvements are beneficial in other ways because it will now be possible to avoid collisions with cars and negate the need for special signals at roundabouts.

Trials at the moment have been unsuccessful however. This rogue tram was caught on camera not going to the MCG at Jolimont but actually landing in the MCG proper. There are also technical questions which need to be addressed such as what happens when a flying tram leaves the power supply. Are commuters going to be left up in the air waiting?


Derik said...

what the hell was that duck about? koalas in Y-Fronts? has this country gone mad?

Kay said...

Leunig isn't funny in The Age and the opening ceremony proved it even more.