March 15, 2006

Horse 512 - 15 Minutes of Apology and Confusion

I thought that this would take less time than this, but I've run into other sorts of problems. My scanner doesn't seem to have an adequate greyscale function and second to that, the images I'm producing off of scans are monster files. I have literally hundreds of drawings and scribbles done just lying about the place in folders; my litte notebook is full of little sketches and other ideas of halfbakery, but still my computer has trouble processing them.

Estute people should be able to guess where in the world this is, and from where the photograph was originally taken. I actually kind of admire in the original ink and pencil how this looks all grubby and mucky. There are errors with this (one of them is quite obvious) but it's nice to go from a blank sheet of paper to this in less than 20 minutes.

I also need a domain and a webserver to host this, but those issues can be met as they arise.


Derik said...

Edgar Davids plays for Spurs, but that's not London is it? It's somewhere else.
This is actually pretty good.

It's somewhere with a river isn't it? Sydney?

Katja said...

Looks great!

Be careful where you direct the speaking bubble things. We don't want to get the wrong message.