March 26, 2006

Horse 517 - Red vs Blue

When you stop and think about there really are lot of things in our lives in which red and blue are in competition. No doubt the folks in Liverpool this weekend aren't talking any more (for a couple of days), with the 203rd local derby of Liverpool and Everton. Liverpool won 3-1 this time, so the red half of the city will be joyous whilst the blue half will be in quiet grumpyness. You can even see it on the doors of the city. Rows and rows of terraced houses with either red or blue doors indicating which colour of the divide the household sits on.

In Adelaide over the weekend we had the running of the V8 Supercars. The two camps of Holden and Ford are none other than Team Red and the Blue Oval. The General's red army and the red barons vs Captain Invicible's blue falcons.

Even when a child is born there is a rivalry over colour. Girls get dressed in pink which is just another way of saying pastel red, whilst boys get blue.

When I was a kid there was a claymation telly program called The Red and The Blue. The Red was a big red blob of clay and The Blue was a little blue one. For some reason I think that they spoke Polish but I only know like one word in Polish which is Usta which isn't useful in conversation except that it's the word for lip.

Even lips can be described as red and blue. While a pair of red lips might be quite nice to look at on a lady, you'd feel sorry for the same lady with blue lips because this would mean that she'd be quite cold.
Speaking of that the hot and cold taps are usually denoted by a red and a blue marker to tell you which one is which.

In our own bodies there is both red and blue blood. Red blood is full of oxygen and useful while blue blood is drained and must be sent back to the lungs for replenishment. This makes me wonder about the phrase being blue blooded. I usuallly have connotations of the deep South whenever someone mentions this and of dames and mustachioed people like Yosemite Sam.

Red cordial sens kids hyper but I would ever give children blue something to drink because the only blue liquid I know of is kerosine and that's not yummy at all... actually, I might give it to nasty horrible kids.

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