March 10, 2006

iFive - 10th Mar

Most people have memories that go with a song that remains with them forever; certainly I walys make a habit of buying whatever single happens to be number one that week on a major trip because invariably it will have been played to death. What happens in the case of the iFive No.1 this week - is it possible to have a memory for something I was never around for?
Vera Lynn sung the original and the BBC would play Goodnight Children Everywhere sometimes as part of its nightly shutdown. Many kids had been moved out of London while the bombs were raining down and perhaps this was some reminder that somewhere, someone was very very worried indeed. The song itself is quite haunting almost bordering on sad; the chord structure is uneasy and I suspect represents the fear of the time very accurately indeed.

PS: The band name Sixpence None the Richer came from another quite well known book. A bit of research may surprise you... go on, it's fun.

1. Goodnight Children Everywhere - Sixpence None the Richer
2. Fancy Hearing Cake - Azumanga Daioh
3. The Hot Dog Man - Tripod
4. Mary-Anne - Tripod
5. Everything Goes Around - Atomic Kitten

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