May 01, 2006

Horse 540 - You Don't Know Warren

Everyone in the world has their own unique viewpoint; this of course is both a corollary and a self-sufficient point. Because of this, how people perceive the world is going to vary from person to person. What I find really disappointing is the way in which some people's points of view (truth is of course another issue and point of absolute fact if negated or viewed from the wrong point is erroneous, then this should be corrected) is berated and indeed passed over and ignored.

There are naturally people whom we will find it difficult to get along with, there are those people who are naturally rather cold, this however does not change the fact that the way they see the world is enitrely their own.

What bugs me is the way which people say, "oh that's just Warren"* Do they ever not stop to think that poor old Warren has just been summed up and passed over to be perpetually ignored? Warren might go through his whole life and be working inordinately hard to get people to care but when glossed over, Warren ceases to exist.

Warren might be a really interesting person if you only took the time to get to know them. Warren might be a concert pianist, or an electrician, or a supermarket employee, or a doctor, who knows? Do you know Warren? I don't think so, because you'd have looked past Warren time and time again. Maybe you do talk to Warren, but then again Warren is probably beneath you.

I have to learn to talk more to Warren, I'm sure that Warren has something to teach me. Warren may for all I know hold the key to life's answers.

*Warren was the substitute word for various headlines on GNW which people had to guess.

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Warren said...

I am Warren.