May 21, 2006

Horse 551 - We Are The Winners of Eurovision

Finnish monster band has taken out the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with and act that looks like a cross between Sauron's Orks and Metallica. They played a song which could have very easily slotted into any metal fan's CD rack quite easily. Do not be surprised if their back catalogue suddenly appears in HMV.

I happened to like the song by LT United from Lithuania called "We Are The Winners", such arrogance as well as taking vast amounts of mick out the competition is always fun. The Islandic entry "Congratulations" by Silvia Night called the rest of the contestants Eurotrash-freaks and made headline news in Greece when she dropped the F-bomb on live TV.

The UK again failed and accused Europe of block voting and voting for their friends. Of course Terry Wogan now hosting his 26th Eurovision was as sharp as ever. SBS would be well advised to use the BBC dub if they don't already plan on doing so.

The SBS broadcast is on tonight.

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