May 25, 2006

Horse 554 - Kommissar Rex

I must confess to enjoying this crime series whose main star is a big slobbery German Shepherd called Reginald von Ravenhorst (Rex). SBS have been showing this series for quite some time now and I always think it's a hoot how Rex is able to solve all sorts of crime far quicker than his masters.

The mere mention of "Frau" causes him to go nuts and steal peoples laundry (and for some bizarre reason to come back with it all washed). And he can be stopped in an instant by uttering the word "Vet".

The show is scripted entirely in German, some characters speak with slight Austrian dialects which I find impossible to follow and it is shot on location in Vienna and its surroundings. Subtitles thankfully are shown on SBS.

I think I should like to be a master criminal in Austria. Just imagine the sorts of crime you could get away with, for if you were to be pursued by Rex, one would merely need a ham sandwich to avoid capture.

Mental Note - Add this to my list of tools a master criminal needs:
Slide Hammer, Screwdriver, Window Cutter, Suction Cup, Semtex, Yo-Yo, Black Rose, Velvet Gloves and now... Ham Sandwich.

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