May 03, 2006

iFive - 30 Apr

Last FM is being a bit slow, so this is actually 4 days late.

Sometimes there's really subtle puns put into songs. On the first time that you I hear I Want You Bad by The Offspring, you think it's a description of how desperarate Noodles is for this lady, but then you quickly realise that this is a decriptor of how he wants to be.

The theme to Steel Angel Kurumi requires you to think in two languages at the same time. The catch of the last line is Mirakurumi. Which can either be taken as Mira-Kurumi. Which means "Look, it's Kurumi!" or Mirakru-Mi which in English is "Miracle Me"; both are acceptable. It is probable that whoever wrote the theme tune actually meant both at the same time... and that is skillful.

1. Killboy Powerhead - The Offspring
2. Steel Angel Kurumi - Anime Theme
3. Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones
4. Move This Mountain - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
5. George Murphy - Tom Lehrer

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