May 07, 2006

Horse 544 - The Week That Was

The whole country has been worried for almost two weeks about the poor people in cramped conditions, the lack of decent conversation... I am of course talking about Big Brother... er no.

The two chaps had apparantly been drinking from a plastic bag which was set up to catch the moisture off of the walls. People die without water after about 3 days, so to have found them alive in the first place is a testament to their ingenuity. When a PVC pipe was bored and sent down they could finally get some more essentials like food, water and iPods.

Meanwhile as we were waiting for the news about the miners, the city of Freo went nuts after they were given the one point win after it was decided that when the siren goes then the AFL match is over. Pundits praised this as a new finding and interpretation of the rules as the on-field umpire didn't hear the siren. What this proves is that umpires aren't just blind, they're deaf as well.

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