March 02, 2012

Horse 1282 - Underground 13 Points (Total: 8)

I found this via BJD's website and thought that this might be a fun game to play. It is what it says on the tin, a Scavenger Hunt where you take photos of what you find for every category. The original link can be found here:

I figure that because I've already missed a day, I've lost 5 points, but because the game is only young, that means a chance to claw back. Ahah, the game is afoot!

Wynyard Station only comes behind Flinders St Station in Melbourne for the title of the busiest railway station in Australia. Twice a day on weekdays, it turns into a swirling and grumpy maelstrom of humanity. In the mornings people spew forth, ready for their world of work and in the afternoon a peculiar mix of smells including coffee, body odour and maybe a hint of fried foods hits you as you descend into the stations bowels.
Without thinking, Town Hall would be the obvious candidate for the busiest station in Sydney, but it shares a load with St James when it comes to traffic visiting the city's shopping district. Wynyard on the other hand is mainly visited by business people.

One thing that the photograph can never hope to capture is the heat of the place. A 60kg person generates about 80 Watts of heat, so if you multiply that by roughly 4000 (being the number of people who fit onto two trains), then you get 320,000 watts being generated. Unfortunately being underground, that heat is pretty well insulated and only escapes and is ventilated by the passing of trains. At Town Hall further down the line, they've tried to solve this problem by installing fans but at Wynyard, no such solution exists.

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