March 30, 2012

Horse 1311 - An old photo in the same spot – 15 points (Total: 506)

I found a stack of photographs of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which I'd intended to use for this but decided that I'd already taken photos on the bridge, around the tunnels and elsewhere in the area, so I went local.
Toongabbie is the third settlement in the colony of New South Wales and its date of inception is 1792. Toongabbie Railway Station dates from 1880 which is odd since the railway line itself was built in 1855.
I think that the building in the old photo with the milk churns dates from 1880, though the station in its current form was built in 1947 and the line was electrified in 1955.

Toongabbie is the station I usually get on at in the morning to go to work though not where I get off at coming home.

Incidentally the photo in question comes from the the NSW Government's "AboutNSW" website.
I thought it cute and a little ironic that the sign on the old station hut should read:

As it is today. And as it was. So Yes.

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