March 22, 2012

Horse 1302 - Underwater – 13 points (Total: 348)

How do I get an underwater photograph considering that I can't swim? This question has been with me for quite some time now and the above photograph is more about me getting to grips with the settings on the phone more than anything else.

I only have one camera on the phone. This means that to take this photograph I had to do it blind. Secondly the phone itself is not waterproof and this in itself posed a problem. Thirdly, the question about where I could take a photo underwater was also quite vexing.

After passing through Spit Junction (see Horse 1301) I decided to use one of the two fountains which are further down the hill.

The phone itself then had the timer set for 10 seconds, was placed into a tupperware container; sealed with Silastic, dropped into the water and then I had to wait for it to take the photograph. Basically I knew that if I was going to do this a number of times, that each time would be rather involved.
The first shot contained nothing but sky, the second shot took a photograph of the plastic nub thing when the container was injection moulded because the camera re-focused but the third shot is what we see above.

I know that it's not terribly interesting to look at but the photograph certainly fulfills the requirements. It isn't a photograph of something underwater, it is a photograph taken FROM underwater.

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