March 06, 2012

Horse 1286 - You serving someone on a register at Maccas – 35 points (Total: 76)

Some of the items on the grand list, I think are more tests of boldness more than anything else. I honestly thought though that this particular one would be one of the more difficult ones to get.

In any given day I'm now running around with ideas for about three or four photos I can get, just in case one of them doesn't happen to work. For this photo, I realised that I probably wasn't going to be able to get this during either the lunch rush or coming home in the afternoon, so it had to be done quite early in the morning.

Asking the duty manager of the store wasn't particularly all that difficult at all. What made this shot more interesting was that rather than simply take a photograph, he wanted me to actually take someone's order, so in that respect, this photo is probably going to be more accurate to the description given of "serving someone on a register at Maccas".

What I didn't realise though was just how user friendly the registers at McD's are. With absolutely no training whatsoever, I was able to take an order, send it to the people in the back store and it even told me not only how much change to give but a suggestion of which coins to give out as well. It was on a touch screen as well and very intuitive; quite unlike the myriad of buttons that I remember from oh so long ago.

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