March 16, 2012

Horse 1296 - With a stranger (must include name, age, and their favourite meal in description) – 20 points (Total: 243)

The great big, giant, super, fun list has "Buying a coffee for stranger" listed at only 10 points but if you then took the same photo "With a stranger" and included their "name, age, and their favourite meal in description" you got 20 for it. That seems to me to be a little inconsistent because you score less points for being kind to someone.

The weird thing about this photo was that I went around the corner to a coffee shop I had never been to and thought that I could be nice to a stranger if I'd bought them a coffee... nobody arrived. I looked back at the master list and found that all I needed to do to double the point score was to ask a few questions of the coffee shop's owner.

So then:

Name: Amy
Age: 34
Favourite Meal: Something she doesn't have to cook herself but especially likes Laksa or Thai Green Curry.

More generally, Amy was worried that Mosman Council's new re-zoning plans could mean that one large company in particular could just buy up all the property at Spit Junction; that means a loss of business.

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