March 17, 2012

Horse 1297 - 11:22am Saturday Morning – 12 points (Total: 255)

Saturdays are for getting things done that you can't get done during the week because you are at work. It is the bane of many office workers that shops and government services close at 6pm; consequently instead of waiting in queues during the week, that joy is reserved for the weekend.
The people behind the counters at the RTA (which is where this is) work like mad things possessed. R89, L25, B19, R90, R91... ding, ding, ding, ding, ding... and they do this with a largely ungrateful and rather cranky public.

I should have been playing cricket this Saturday morning but yet again the fickle finger of fate
has waved and the rain has dashed those plans. Sans cricket, sans mowing, sans sunshine.

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